Draka Acturial
Arrancar | Human | Ascelepius
Draka2 (transparent)
Alias Grimm
Race Arrancar
Gender Male
Age 274 years
Reiatsu 206.000
Class Brute
Strength 250
Stamina 210
Speed 200
Perception 230
Reiryoku 69
Resurrección Jigoku Baindorīpā
Role-Play Information
Created November 12, 2012
RP'ed by Draka
Status Inactive/Deceased (12/11/12 - 27/01/16)

"Heaven's darkest angel. Dread is his aura, patience is his virtue. Your head he will sever like grain, he will not stop, he will not refrain. He will not talk, he will not speak. Grab you by your coat, quickly he'll slice your throat. Your life he will end, though you shall not ascend" - Verse of the Unheartly

Draka Acturial is an Arrancar and the former commander of the reformed Exequias. It is also the name of one of three souls that inhabits the Arrancar's physical body, the other two being Asclepius and Erebus.

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Draka's revealed appearance after becoming an Arrancar

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"Intelligence overshadowed by frightening calm, governed by an unnaturally logical ruling of thought" - Draka

Draka always appears serene and apathetic in his exterior, even arguably bored at times, regardless to the fact of his nearly constant thoughtfulness of mind. This however no cover for his actual thoughts, as he in fact is undoubtedly of an callous and dispassionate mind. He’s is generally gloomy in nature, always appearing and speaking of an emotionless tone, regardless of subject, as though with neither care nor interest. He shows only as much respect for authority as needed, the current scenario serving as a setting for what he says and does not say, extending easily to pretense and acting if need be. His general concern for others of any kind, comrade or enemy, is set upon what interest or use they are too him - at times making for a seemingly unstable image, as he goes from humble silence, to sharp words of a deep hostility. Whilst particularly lacking in his rush to violence, Draka doesn't deem it any less of an viable option, then does he any other response.

Draka himself regards his unfeeling mind by the phrase, that: "If one could say the nature of a Hollow consumes the human heart by half it's whole, than even whilst living i was with the other half burnt to ash"

Possessing a sharp mind himself as well as a strong ability to keep calm in any situation, his additionally cold demeanor has him formulating combat as a game of prediction, traps and examining his opponent, so as to exploit any weaknesses he comes to learn off. Suffice to say, he is highly perceptive, cunning, and analytical, but also always seemingly distant from his actual surroundings, in how he dismisses danger to himself as the loss of a chess piece. Even whilst still living, a young Draka's surname gave rise to the term "Actuarial", meaning one who professionally studies, calculate and manage the consequences of risk, do to his idealizing the word in it's definition, as a natural part of his personality.

For reasons unknown, he’s made a habit of often sighing, as though a remark upon being in a generally displeased state.

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Human LifeEdit


Draka was born and raised in the main streets of Tokyo. He was born the youngest of triplets, his elder siblings being brother and sister to him. His brother was the oldest of the three, fraternal by heart, but all the same dissimilar in appearance from his two younger siblings, whom by contrast were almost identical. His sister, by lacking possible positions in the group of three, was born between the time of her brothers. Their parents were wealthy people, though as the three children were growing up, their parent’s presence began to vary, coming to leaving them in other’s care often. The children lived a rather normal life despite the lack of his parents, at such a time Draka was an innocent and ordinary child, a trait to last for the first many years of his life.

Upon a generally, normal night for the young Draka, one of simple playing with his siblings in the mansion of his parents. The three of them were being watched over by their usual nanny, an elderly, strict women that did however let them be, at least while making sure not to disturb her, and never leaving her sights for too long. Having engaged in a game of hide-and-seek with his siblings, Draka was running through the mansion, seeking a place to hide that he'd yet to use. He'd stopped as the lights of the moon- and that of the glows from within the mansion, had flickered and seemed to go out for a brief moment, followed by the lights return, as though had a shadow swept across the house’s skin to darken Draka's world. Eventually making his way through the mansion and into the living room, he’d found their nanny dead on it's floor; her body giving form to a growing circle of blood, onto the floor on which she laid.

Noises from the kitchen lead him to find his siblings facing one another, his sister wielding a long thin kitchen knife and sprouts of blood upon her clothes. His brother with his back against the wall, his hand laid upon his stomach. Upon his entrance and quite confused appearance, she dropped it and ran towards him. In the confusion, the young boy was struck into the wall several meters besides him, with inhuman strength, by his strangely acting older brother. What he followed to see was a struggle between his siblings, one filled with that of crashing one another through walls and ceiling as though was it cardboard. Without end despite both of their bodies being torn apart, they continued attacking one another with seemingly bloodlusted intends for one-another. After having grounded his sister into the cracked floor, to the point in which she was no longer moving, Draka’s older brother went for the young boy as his next victim In fear and confusion the young body didn't understand the words that passed from his lips, but he very well heard his voice, albeit it wasn't his brother's; He knew not how his brother could look at him, smiling with such a wicked expression of seeming excitement. As thrown against the fireplace and pinned down, his then restrained arm was held in the flames. The young boy screamed in agony, unstopped even as his sister arrived to toss her older brother through the walls and into the open night outside. When she attempted to help the young Draka, a thick piece of wood pierced the girl through her chest from behind, moments later when she fell, he saw it to have been done by Draka’s bother. Her corpse falling over onto his body in her death, Draka remained stuck and unable to move his arm, whilst continued the flames to lick at it.

Falling unconscious from the pain, as his arm remained caught in the flames, he awoke in the hospital some time later. He was told he and his sister’s corpse had been found outside the mansion, sometime after the flaming structure had caught nearby attention. He was also told his arm was beyond any sort of repair. Thus in the days to follow he began a seemingly new life, involving living without his left arm. From such a time forward, Draka became solitary and somehow managed to suppress his emotions unconsciously, to an unusual extend. Because of such he grew “cold” and gained both an emotionless appearance and personality, as his new general way of being. As a side result of his seeming “loss” of emotions, caused his mental maturity to increase rapidly. By seeming extension, he developed an increased learning capability, the supposed result of an inability to grow bored nearly as easily as anyone else, both compared to his own age and highly above. For some reason he also developed a “thirst” for knowledge, as though filling a bottomless pit born of his trauma. Using the “gifts” of his misfortune, Draka rose through school and was bumped up classes a number of time, even became renowned as a “genius”. Quickly growing annoyed with the attention, he lowering his grades purposely until the special attention seized and he was forgotten in his lacking of otherwise social activity.[1]


Draka (Human)3

Draka, as looked he at the age of twenty

Grown now in body, Draka had finished the studies would sealed his future by the time he'd become 20 years old, not long after so, both his parents died in England by unknown means and with unclear motives. He had in years past come to realize his father’s cooperation was funded by individuals, who's wealth were only trumped by very few. The face of the company was a lie, the workers and staff was all part of an organization dedicated to the investigation and research of the spiritual realm, as well as the existing creatures within it. Draka however, despite his eventual awareness of the matter, never managed to take an active true interest in it, until years later.

Following the time after his parent’s death, Draka was believed to have confined himself and given into despair in unknown reaches within Japan, albeit the truth however was quite another. The two years he spent away from observable civilization was spent as a captive. Having found lacking interest in seemingly anything, the young Draka had decided to relocate until a time in which he could locate a new interest, with which to fill some part of his life contently. While such was what he told himself, in the end he in fact wished for the peace to properly decide whether to end his own life, as he was falling into comparing his existence in terms of gain, versus consequence. With little keeping him bound to the realm of the living, as he was in the knowledge that there was a life beyond death, one that would better allow him to look into the strangeness of the events he’d gone through as a mere child.

Having moved to a more traditional part of Japan, where still things were simple in the sense of a working society, the young man one day went into the forest. Just one walk of many he’d taken countless times before into it, but this time however, without his immediate return. After managing to survive the attack of an unconfirmed monstrosity, which to date he was never able to identify as any being he knew for sure off, he fell upon a grown version of his older triplet brother when finding his way out of the forest. Finding himself letting his guard down in presence of this man after a long conversation, involving him claiming himself not to be his brother, Draka was suddenly knocked off balance and struck backwards against a hard surface, instantly knocking him unconscious.

The following 2 years of Draka’s life were spent within a manner of personal "hell", so to speak. One of which consisted of spending his days tortured as much physically, as mentally. Doing such time his torturer or otherwise known as his older brother, told Draka he’d become a Hollow since the times of killing Draka’s sister and costing Draka his left arm. Broken, in the sense of the body, to startling extends in all sort of creative variances, Draka was always simply healed by his brother’s strange abilities, so that his pains to follow would continue to be “fresh”. His other brother even went as far as to amputate his own arm and somehow managed to attach it to Draka's armless shoulder, as a replacement to his lost one, even if it was only so that there was more of Draka’s body to destroy before healing it again.

Roughly 2 years later Draka escaped his capturer, following a time when his older brother had begun to grown increasingly unstable, and destructively insane. Despite his memory of what happened to follow being clouded in hatred and rage from the release of stress, gained from the endless torture and guilt he’d been fed through the physical, and psychological torture, Draka knew he’d beaten his own older brother to death. Despite how his body had long since given up on him, a berserking Draka had managed to overcome his brother in the end. At such a point, or rather a time soon after, he learned that his brother had never become a Hollow in the end, and until his death had remained a living human being. What had been manipulating him all along showed itself only as a ghastly voice, revealing that it had been what caused his brother’s actions when Draka was still a boy, as well as his actions in recent events. When the young man wished to be explained of why this was, he was only told that the sins of another, were what had condemned him to this fate, and that because of what he’d been lead to do this day, he would without a doubt suffer for the sin of killing his brother, just as he’d forced "it" to suffer "it’s" sins. He was then left to a final psychological torture, longer to last than any thus fare inflected upon him, that of attempting to figure out the meaning from the unknown being’s words, in solitude.[2]


Draka spent the following year of his life recuperating from the horrors that had been done to him. While he had stayed mostly sane through his experience, and his personality was greatly revived towards its former stage, he grew filled with a sense hatred for the creature that had caused him his suffering, one quite unlike to his well-established empathy. His recuperation had been centered around repressing this hatred, so that it may not lash out onto others, though the likelihood of such was already low. Regardless however, having long since become “deprived of emotions” so to speak, such anger was potentially dangerous element, as it might grow to fill that void. For one who had nothing to hold such anger back with except the emotionless logic of his mind, that is.

After such he returned to his former home and walked down the path to gain the ability to claim partial ownership of his father’s company, or rather the lie to hide a much more, important organization. Instead however, he gaining entry into the organization, just as he'd planned and aimed towards beneath the mask of a young man, trying to use the rights of inheritance to retake what he thought rightfully his. He was soon enough sitting in a higher station of importance, within the only spiritually knowledgeably organization that he knew of, despite his efforts to seek out others.[3]

His life as such was short-lived however, as was his actual life. Within his own home he was attacked by a Hollow with the appearance of a withering women, a banshee of sort, although he favorably enough survived, only do to seeming luck, or so he at least believed at the time. It sought him out again not long after, but with seeming fortune appearing to smile down upon him once more, the creature being slain before his eyes by what Draka at the time, already knew to be a Shinigami. He talked only briefly with the so called god of death, before splitting ways. Upon days past being the victim of the same Hollow’s 2nd attack on him, he was, attacked by it for the 3rd time, a spite upon his own sight of the monster’s demise. In the beginning of the encounter, the Hollow had appeared in the body of a human, moving it like a puppet on strings to attack Draka. As forced to kill the human, the Hollow instantly appeared and broke most of his rips with a single, invisible attack. When the creature soon after was about to rip his body apart and consume his soul, Draka heard it’s cries and screams while lying with his face against the ground. As the Hollow was apparently swiftly killed by an unknown assailant, Draka managed onto his feet in wonder what it was that killing the monstrosity, but he could not see it's material body within his eye of sight. As silence had fallen and the young man thought it to have ended, he found himself from one moment to the next, starring into a pitch black portal from which an inhuman arm appeared and grabbed him.

As tugged into a realm of seemingly endless darkness, his consciousness was almost lost every few moments of being pulled through the space, at speeds that made him unable to even move against the pressure of the rushing air, as well as another pressure, seeming paralyzing his body, recollecting him the feeling of being back in the “care” of his possessed older brother. Where next he found himself was within the white desert of Hueco Mundo, almost instantly after his arrival hearing a voice speaking too him. As attempting to turn and look upon the source, he was knocked forward from behind, struck out of his human form and thus fell onto Hueco Mundo’s sand filled floor, as a spirit. The image of his attacker was a blur to his eyes under the heavy weight of it's vast Reiatsu. Within the seconds to follow, he’d watched the creature destroy his human body with a crimson ray of energy, scattering burned pieces of flesh across the area. After having engraved Draka’s spiritual form with some sort of symbol while claiming that he was now cursed beyond life and death, the creature crushed the base of his chain of fate with two fingers, and relatively eases. Draka's form instantly exploded in a shower of dark blue energies ripping through his flesh, aggressively reformed afterwards, now standing transformed into a Hollow.

Hollow LifeEdit

Early Hollow Life

Hydra (Transparent - colored)

Draka in his original Hollow form

Draka took upon a peculiar form, a Hollowfied version of what appeared to be the lower body of an immense snake, the middle section of a typical, brutish Hollow, yet with the tip of his form being that of a dragon-like Hydra. In the beginning, Draka made little thought of multiple of heads, mindless and not seeming beyond the simple nature of another Hollow, he chose to mostly ignore their presence, passing the amounted time of which was needed for adjusting to his form, as well as developing a seeming dominance of his movements in full.

Draka was not quite so determined through the beginning, rather he did what many Hollows seemed to do after their recent death, seek out the living it once knew. He never possessed any intentions of consuming the living, but it can’t be said he overcame that natural instinct driving him towards feeling the temptation of drowning his sorrows in the blood of others. He looked over the little family he knew to still possess in a small, insignificant speck that years later would become the spiritually rich Karakura Town. Months past his death, he returned to Hueco Mundo for a short time, due to rising in his difficulty to hold back the viscous nature of his less "open minded" heads. Upon returning to Karakura, he learned that his cousin had been murdered doing his absence. When locating the girl, or rather her spiritual form, he made the mistake of becoming her invisible “guardian angel” until such a time as a Shinigami would appear to grant her peace. Under ironic circumstances, Draka was found by Shinigami before that of his cousin, and attacked. For a brief moment, his identity was revealed doing his clash with the Shinigami, in turn causing the Shinigami's hesitation, upon his cousin's cries upon seeing him. Using the opportunity, he retreated to Hueco Mundo, satisfied with leaving his cousin in the Shinigami’s care.

Unfortunately the girl followed him without his knowledge; the result in doing so being fare from kind. She was instantly attacked upon her arrival in Hueco Mundo, by a group of Hollows. Draka feared for his life and knew he could do nothing to prevent it from happening, as such he instead watched with regrets of his mistake to not have been so foolish. When she turned, she retained much of herself. Enough of herself at least, not to wish to leave Draka to such a lonely existence, as had he taken upon. Not long after however, the young Hollow bumped into a new struggle, one from within himself. Some form of intelligence was overtaking the minds of the bestial Hollows, threatening even Draka’s control over himself with time. His two other heads were connected with him telepathically, and from the connection he grew aware of their awakening selves. One, a strangely silent and unfocused mind, the other a opposite that was bent upon torturing Draka with it's voice, and an ability to seemingly access his memories. All the while it did so, one might say their influence spread alike that of an infected wound, inclosing and only growing worse. Growing increasingly unstable and learning darker secrets about the origins of the minds now ruling a large portion of his being, he decided to “save” his cousin from a much worse fate than dying, yet again. These beings within him were not simply viscous for control, but so hell bent upon it they would not hesitate to use Draka's body to kill his cousin, as long as it lessened their own time of staying "trapped", by shattering Draka's psyche. Because of her immaturity and inability to accept that they should part ways, he crushed her body and very nearly killed the girl. After having done so, he dragged her to the realm of the living and left her for the Shinigami to purify, before he returning to Hueco Mundo, alone.

Afterwards Draka’s knowledge of the two beings inside him gradually continued to grow, their motives expanding into the one’s hatred of him for reason’s not allowed to speak off, by the second, who’s presence in his body was, according to claim, by design. His gain could however not at all be compared, to that of the speed at which he was losing his current self to the ideals of the other two. At first it was simply their personalities poisoning his own, but after years of living like so with little notice of his slow change of character, he started to frequently have headaches and blackouts. In truth it was the supposedly “2nd stage” to the two other‘s corruption of his mind, in the shape of causing his mind to gradually grow unstable, alike to using endless hours chopping away at a wooden dam with an axe, through the process causing water to seep through the ever growing “wounds”, until the tides crashed the dam and flooded through. In the same manner, rather than merging with Draka’s mind, they were destroying it, bit by bit.

Draka went unknowing of his for many years, or at least kept the charade of one appearing unknowing of it. Constant invasions of his mind, had long since granted him the ability to hide and mask certain parts of his thoughts and memories. With there being nothing he could do to permanently stop them, he instead preserved what could be saved of himself through mental training, ironically only allowed by him because of the other being's constant violation of his mental self. As such it became a race between Draka and his “inner demons”, one trying to reach their current goal, before the other.

Ascelepius & Erebus

Asclepius and Erebus, as they were when originally appearing to Draka

With seeming victory of the inner demons, that Draka by such time had begun to call Asclepius and Erebus (at their own request), lead Draka's Hollow form to advance in strength fare beyond anything easily attained. it's advancement was direct and it's different aspects trained to what best suited his form. Doing such times, it lived a life of daily wandering, fighting and feasting upon it’s brethren.

One particular Hollow it met at one point, Vynx, somehow continued to elude it the opportunity to kill it. It wasn’t that it was stronger, or that Asclepius was letting it go, rather it seemed as though a hand of fate continuously halted it. The fights became either stalemate towards their end, or someone other events intervened. Asclepius barely made sure to remember, at least until a much later point in its life. At the starting of it's learning of what else lurked within Hueco Mundo in this era, other than scattered Hollows across the lands.


Roughly 20 years following Draka's Hollow form entering the process- and completion of the Gillian evolution, he’d now just transformed into an Adjuchas. At the time doing the change, some fragment of Draka within the depths of his own inner world had taken opportunity to seize a place within his soul once more. Upon the time of the transformed, Draka’s efforts had borne as many fruits, as to allow him what he once had. The struggle for control caused the material Hollow form to take upon its shape as it was while an uninvolved Hollow, Draka’s control only split into 2 this time however. Doing the struggles, Erebus had seemed to give up and let herself be removed, albeit too easily, at least too easily for Draka not to wonder about many things concerning the nature of it’s original motivation. From the failure of its attempts, Asclepius went upon the original path of its progression, that of corrupting Draka’s soul to its liking, by merging and overwhelming Draka’s mind. The process was slow, and no help under Draka’s constant attempts to break Asclepius’ advancements, in their ever complicating game of dueling deception. The process it was attempting was delicate, projected into Draka’s inner world and thus allowing him to seek it out and counter against it from within that world, utilizing the variation in that world’s mechanics, from that of the actual world. Laying out their advances as though a game of chess, one might say it was a battle of constant stalemate and the game’s resetting, throughout the greatest part of the Hollow's life.

The Hollow’s body was fare from inactive doing this struggle, rather it seemed its actions were influenced by the “game of chess” being played, shifting between Draka holding the majority of control over its movements, and Asclepius. Doing such times it was approached by the same particular Hollow it had fought numerous times in the past, the results ending the same, as though a hand of fate declared there yet to be an end. What always ended in departing, from more reasons than it cared to remember, eventually became a rivalry between this Hollow, and the shifting mind of Draka and Asclepius. Draka mostly retained control of his body doing this, the yet largest piece of his life, usually because Asclepius seemed to seek to create a false sense of comfort, attempting to feed Draka the false knowledge that it was struggling to gain control. While this served as the longest single part of the Hollows life, it was strangely simple and repeating, due to the Hollow’s lacking focus on its progressions within the real world.

More than 100 years past the time Draka had become an Adjuchas and having long since gained the strength to further exceed in its progression, it was at the point that hunting other Adjuchas was no longer necessary for him, to avoid losing his form and revert to a Gillian. In the end both Draka and Asclepius had long since come to realize what was hindering the progression of their shared form; Individuality. One might say the gate to the final evolution was one purged of weakness, which the Hollow lacked in the sense that either one’s control was incomplete over the other. Neither ever spoke of it directly, that is to say that neither was attempting gain of the other’s strategy at cost of revealing their own, as was the crooked relationship that had the Asclepius’ influence upon Draka had spawned between them; that now both respected the “game” as a confrontation of the best plan for victory.

Bathing in the blood of Adjuchas and Gillian alike, deep within the depths of the Forest of Menos, otherwise isolated as it was within the part of the forest that ran into the outer reaches of Hueco Mundo. There began an unseen battle to the eye, fought within the Hollow’s soul. Despite a turn of events within it due to Erebus’ involvement, Draka managed to stand victories, if it may be called as such in despite of Asclepius’ obvious lack of resolve for finishing it for good, saying Draka had not suffered nearly enough to be released from it’s grasp, despite it’s claim that his fate beyond this life would be eternally worse.

Vasto Lorde

Vasto Lorde (Transparent)

Draka's appearance upon becoming a Vasto Lorde

After several of months on the move in his new form, he came upon the Hollow that had caused him his current misfortune. This realization came not before it had appeared to him as an ally however. Leaving Draka in the dark about it's identity as it taught him a great deal many things, mostly associated with occult “magic” that it for reasons unsaid, wished to teach Draka. While such practices were useless at the time, it claimed there would come an era in which these teachings would once again become the tools to rule life and death itself, as had they supposedly been once before. Draka's interest was piqued, but what most of all kept him where he was, was the slight possibility that there was more than his eyes could offer to answer him, with regards to his teacher.

Draka had towards the end of his days as an apprentice come to realize of who this Hollow truly was. The little reason he did not bring it to light was simply because he was interested to see what it was hoping to gain by teaching him these things, given whom it was and what it had once done to him. When coming upon the end of it all, the Hollow wished for them to part paths, becoming the trigger for Draka to bring his knowledge into the light of sharing. Naturally the Hollow had known he’d realized, but claimed it was "glad he had not been as stubborn as not to play along". When the battle to follow was upon him, he was despite all, hopelessly outmatched by the monstrous creature, bringing him to realize that with such a body as his, he could no longer fully rely on his own body to absorb all the damage done to him. His body was not strong enough to rely on his output of power any longer.

The Hollow had more realizations to come, alike the last time it laid beaten in front of this creature, given a strange Hollowied-like weapon made of an unknown white material, unlikely anything the creature had or would yet come to see within any realm. The item was an odd looking scythe, but one that gave Draka an uneasy feels and a faint sense of something he couldn’t begin to comprehend, but a slight familiarity to his own powers. Another item it was granted was a small hourglass, filled with dark, midnight blue corns of sands filling half of it's content. The Hollow spoke of them both as its gift to Draka for letting its teachings pass onto times to come, in which they would once more become the tools for the "calling and revival of the lord”. Draka was left to recover, the only thing further he was told was that the scythe and hourglass were fragments of tools “used since the beginning of creation”, and that if Draka every wished to find this legendary, accursed treasure, he would need to wonder: “from where had the Shinigami, stolen their names?”.

After such times Draka kept what he had gained from the Hollow in despite to his hatred for the creature. His interest in the possibly truth within this tale were simply put, fare too great to be ignored. However, he did not pursue the hated Hollow or what it had spoken off, knowing neither would be within its ability to grasp with its current level of power.

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Reset PriorEdit

Do to observations, encounters and numerous Shinigami killings within the Realm of the Living over the last 36 years, Draka has been listed in the libraries of Soul Society, given the codename "Grimm" as shortage for "Grim Reaper", do to his appearance and reports telling of him as "always observing humans in silence, as though the Reaper of Souls, waiting to claim the soul of one soon to pass on.

Do to numerous appearances within the world of the living over the last 36 years, sightings of Draka by the world's spiritual aware (Karakura especially) have caused him a place within it's myth as sign of the apocalypse, especially so since the beginning of the catastrophic natural disasters. If not as the horsemen riding the pale steed, than as the Grim Reaper of Souls, watching over humanities last moments before he is to harvest their souls.

Within Hueco Mundo, starting roughly 50 years ago, Draka's appearance has caused him association with a ancient rumor, told by supposedly elderly creatures roaming the realm of the Hollows. The rumor being of a creature known as the "Grim Reaper of Hueco Mundo", supposedly a bane upon life and said to be known throughout the realms as such. Draka's association with the tale being that of said "Grim Reaper's" return, revival or reincarnation.


Following an inactivity within the realm of the living, and as such the avoided notice of human and Shinigami alike, the Hollow "Grimm" appears at the outskirts of Karakura, towards the end of the years that had the town especially suffered under a multitude of catastrophically effective, natural disasters. There, the Hollow murders a Shinigami in the midst of interacting with a female spirit, one watched by the Hollow. As shortly after confronted by a unnamed Bount, the empty buildings surrounding them suffered at the effects that came from the high-leveled beings sudden chain of attacks upon one-another. Only so much time passing, the struggle ended though neither died as result of it, following the shortly lasting presence of two observers.

Sometime later, the Hollow encountered another Hollow known to him, one which he had fought upon several occasions priory, although none of the struggles had been with any conclusive ending. Quickly moving into a widely destructive battle with the Hollow "Vynx", a rapidly coming exchange of fatal strikes damaged both of their bodies, and masks, resulting in a nearly simultaneous pair of violent Arrancarizations, upon the end of which neither followed to seek the struggle of battle with one-another. Only shortly following the event, both were sought out for the sake of a gathering of empowered beings within the wasteland dimension, one drawing them towards Las Noches. Gathered with the company of "Vynx", an Arrancar named "Raziel", the Primera "Tsukishima", an Arrancar named "Yatagarasu", a Hollow once Shinigami with the names of "Reza", and a Vaizard named "Hollow", a collaboration of the Vaizard and the Primera was shown to be the intention of an invasion upon Seireitei. Though the Primera and "Raziel" followed an immense army of gathered Hollow and Arrancar, the link between the two realms was severed from the side of Seireitei, leaving the invading forces stranded, and eventually struck down entirely. Very shortly in follow of the "failed" invasion, the Arrancar confronted an invader of Hueco Mundo along with "Hollow", a Vaizard at the name of Toshiba. Met with an unwanted leave through an unknowable source of power, the Arrancar was removed from the invader's presence, draw elsewhere in an instant.

Challenge Arc

Brought into another dimension, the Arrancar took a part in an oddity event of puzzling apart a murder mystery and fighting at a forced-upon decrease of strength (BSE's Challenge Arc), in the company of what others had been gathered, a group of racially limited proportions. Through the latter parts of the challenges, the Arrancar's mentality suffered from the seeming lack of connection with his spiritual abilities, yet only suffering for so long as the event coming upon an unsettled ending, recalling the Arrancar to Las Noches.

The Death of Ten Thousand

Ascelepius Emerges

Ascelepius emerging from the aftermath of Stein A. Nevskii's Kurohitsugi, the fourth brought Hell gate's miasma enveloping him

Sometime later, a cloaked being with near identical Reiatsu to that of Draka, appeared within the central area of Karakura, moving onto the causing of a dimensionally affecting task. Firstly was the rising of black obelisks from a ground turning dark within a 1 kilometer radius, than the rising of a swirling vortex of dark fog, killing the presence of 10.000 human souls trapped within this circle of evil, and ripping away their souls into the sky, disappearing into the depths of an enormous Garganta. Following the sudden destructive manner of what was done, the creature was confronted by the former invader of Las Noches, the Vaizard "Toshiba", and a captain of the Gotei, "Stein A. Nevskii", bringing upon a shortly lasting struggle, bringing with it the death of the Vaizard, and the disappearance of the Shinigami, though both would eventually reemerge.

Brought about doing the struggle, the creature, this "Shade" had summoned forth a Hell gate and shattered it, letting its miasma spill into the realm of the living, before leaving the sight in the caring of two dragon shaped forms of bluish flames. Eventually these "guardian" were vanquished, and the gate mended.

The Corruption of Las Noches

Only a small amount of time having passed, Las Noches came under the sway of effect following the disaster within Karakura, starting after a massively release of Reiatsu from the palace's center, belonging to the creature that had caused the mentioned disaster. Soon after, a massive stream of energy struck through the inner Las Noches' doom's roof and shot into the skies of Hueco Mundo, made up of bluish fire emitting the Shade's Reiatsu, yet taking upon the visual traits of a continuous strike of thunder. The Reiatsu than spread like a virus throughout Las Noches, through its walls, its floor and ceiling. The walls darkened to a grayish-teal color, and the linings across walls and floors gaining a faint white glow. Within a matter of minutes the entire of Las Noches had been affected, Las Noches' outer design soon having altered as well. Its towers cracked and spilling fourth bluish sprouts of fire, whilst the tower's tips would burst, becoming blazing torches. The sands within the palace walls began to turn black, as its illuminating light from Las Noches' roof, turned maroon red, and its blue skies was engulfed in gray clouds, so thick that they dimmed the new red illumination of Las Noches' inner.

Those that roamed Las Noches as leaders of numbers of their kind gathered at the source of the change, yet made no struggle against the creature as it claimed the title of ruler over the white palace that was Las Noches, though none out rightly acknowledged it either.

Appearing within Karakura, the Arrancar, Draka, roamed the field where had the Shade brought low the presence of life, shortly wandering the empty part of the city before coming upon a Shinigami, by the name of Sîn. As soon as the Arrancar's attempted forming of a delusion concerning its identity was broken, and after a short exchange of strikes between one another, the Arrancar left for Las Noches with still the Shinigami in his company.

Within the white palace, in a location towards its outer edge where the Arrancar had gathered a widely ranging collection of equipment and occult objects, Draka conversed with the Shinigami whilst having his machines examine the man's blade, where after the Arrancar let the man wander from the location.

Joker Arc

Upon time most near to this, the Shade as well as a quickly appearing Draka, came upon the 3rd instance of being in the Vaizard Toshiba's company, the man at the end of their meeting claiming his wish to serve the Shade. Their conversation brought to a halt upon the invading of the white palace, by a group of humanoids, placing a device able to induce madness into the minds of Hollows within the whole of Las Noches' size and beyond. The invaders killed or escaped and the device eventually disabled, the Arrancar dispatched from the wasteland realm to go to Karakura once more.

Coming to Karakura, a seeming guardian of a device alike the one to have been placed within Las Noches, had moments before killed several attackers as well as brining about a widely ranged destruction of the town. Killing the guardian at result of its lacking reaction to him, the Arrancar was confronted by a captain of the Gotei, "Elevander Jecht". A fight between them ravaging the barren area and further of its boundaries, the Shinigami eventually lay dying, his body than scorched away to merely a black skeletal. Leaving the realm of the living, the Arrancar left in his wake a message in flames upon the grounds, in letters at size that they needed be read from above to form meaning.

- Ongoing -

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Battle Data Sheet (Draka6)

Draka's Battle Data, clockwise. Top: Strength (255), Top Right: Stamina (204), Bottom Right: Speed (200), Reiryoku Speed (88), Bottom Left: Reiroyku (60), Top Left: Perception (225). Total: 939/1200

Immense Spiritual Power: Toshiba remarks upon Asclepius' spread out Reiatsu as sickening, to the extend of beginning to affect his sense of direction and ability to breathe, as well as that moving within it made him feel as though surrounded on all sides. Despite possessing great spiritual power himself, Toshiba remarks seemingly negatively on the difference between himself and Asclepius.[4] Asclepius spiritual power was wast enough as to allow him to spread it through all of Las Noches' structural mass, without losing the potency to then still utilize it for his ability to affect matter through it. Draka additionally possess an extensive mastery over his spiritual power, able to suppress his Reiatsu to the extend of it seeming as though the size of a regular human's, and contain it stable at that level doing battles against opponents as powerful as the deceased, Elevander Jecht. For whatever reasons, Draka seemingly makes a constant habit of keeping his Reiatsu suppressed to such levels.

Descorrer: (解空(デスコレール), Desukorēru; Spanish for "Drawing Back/Opening", Japanese for "Loosed Void"): A technique used by Arrancar, to open a Garganta between the Human World and Hueco Mundo.

Las Noches transformation

A rough visual example of Chitose no akumu's progressing effect on Las Noches

Chitose no akumu: (千年の悪夢, Japanese for "Thousand year nightmare"): Though the details of it are unknown, Draka appears able to create a (typically black) manipulatable matter. Draka uses this as a seemingly second nature; as much as his seemingly primary weapon, as his means of use through his everyday leisure. He has shown to use this ability to fully take upon other appearances. To an unknown length, Draka appears able to affect objects around him. For instance, using this power to alter the entire of Las Noches' outwards and inwards appearance, as well as some of it's structural design.

Kyōfu no honoo: (恐怖の炎, Japanese for "Flames of fear"): Draka's Reiatsu possess fire-like qualities and traits, alike a elemental type Zanpakutō, emitting heat and able to set objects ablaze, typically taking upon the appearance of bluish flames when released. Through the gaining of a mastery over his Reiatsu, Draka has become able to freely manipulate his Reiatsu in this form. Draka's manipulative control, allows him to transform the flames into a crystal-like form, which retains the fire-like traits of their previous shape. The intensity of these traits seem dependent on Draka's release of his Reiatsu. At his typical human-like measure of suppression, the traits become unnoticeable.


Jigoku Baindorīpā (地獄バインドリーパ, Japanese for "Hell-bound Reaper", as in, Reaper Bound for Hell): Unlike most Arrancar, who's Zanpakutō is created upon their Arrancarization, Draka's Hollow powers instead became sealed within the artifact he wielded at the time of the transformation - A Hollowfied-looking scythe, long since given to him, as long in length as is Draka high. Consisting of a single piece, the end of the ashen-gray handle forms into three ensnaring claws, forming an incomplete sphere between them. The handle, which thickens up towards the scythe's head, forms into what appears to be a horned dragon's skull, who's maw of teeth clench down upon the scythe's arcing blade, extruding from inside the skull's jaws.

Vasto Lorde (Transparent)

Draka's Zanpakutō released

  • Resurrección: It's release command is "Bring silence". Upon it's release, it conjures an enveloping torrent of bluish flames, which rise to the reach of the clouds, leaving the atmosphere filled with ash from whatever comes into the storming inferno's path. Draka's appearance changes in entirety upon releasing his Zanpakutō, somewhat alike a full-body Hollowfication - much to the contrary of the traditional range of change for Arrancar, upon releasing their Zanpakutō. In this form, his thin shape reaches the extend of showing a great deal of the humanoid bone structure underneath ashin-gray skin, though this is mostly obscured by the black- cloak and torn pants he wears in this form. His legs become goat-like, whilst he grows a peculiar tail of eccentric length, it's tip finishing into a bush of gray hair. His nails have grown to the length and curve of thin claws, whilst a Hollow hole appears in the center of his chest. Draka's face becomes seemingly enclosed by a mask with the appearance of a humanoid skull, from the back of which extends a mass of messy black hair, running down his back. From the base of his skull, now extends two separate pairs of horns. As was Draka's Zanpakutō neither constructed same as other Arrancar, so to doesn't it disappear upon Resurrección's release, staying wielded within his grasp.

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  • "Gods of death.... And yet so fare from an actual image of the afterlife's true guidance and bringer of death"
  • (Asclepius To Celestin Vynx) "Be silent and die. As says i, Hueco Mundo's rising Grim Reaper"
  • (To Asclepius, after failing to kill Celestin Vynx) "A Grim Reaper who's final blow goes by without death, now truly you dishonor the tale of that, relic"
  • (Asclepius to Stein A. Nevskii) "So it is to trifle with the creature from which your kin, took the name they so eargerly have let fall low"
  • (To Elevander Jecht, regarding his identity) "Either and both, questions most typical, and most pointless. Even the vastness of the living contents experienced within my lifetime, are not able to limit the amounts of my identities"
  • (To Sîn Neylo) "To give you a promise, would be to deceive you of having any addition too the chance, of i speaking the truth or not"
  • (Asclepius to Toshiba) "First of my name, and so first was my name"
  • (Asclepius to Toshiba) "I stood at equal with you creatures of creation, as with my form as the first. I am it's creation upon new, as with my second name, i am the shadow of creation"
  • (Asclepius to Stein Nevskii, remarking upon his resurrection) "Seems with your kin, one too needs to make you afraid to live"
  • (Asclepius to Damon Salvatore, about underestimating his enemies) "But judge you i must, when you neglect that duty"
  • (Asclepius to Xenegon Bahir'an, about killing him as retribution) "The whims of you humans don't disturb me. So wish not for death so quickly, that might a whim agree with your wish"
  • (Asclepius to Wrath (Damon Salvatore's inner Hollow)) "A knight to serve. The men, the gods the beasts.. With none you share, yet for all you would care, say the one for which your title, declares"
  • (To Eximus Nobody, as striking the ivory city of the Imperium, into the ground) "From your lofty seat and might, you would never know.. That for i to speak with thee, with our eyes meeting; as your plea.. You must bring yourself to a knee"
  • Endless as was it old, where each new to rise would begin it's walk, as comes heart's end and soul's beat

Endless as was it old, for each to walk it would eventually end in it the same
Endless as was it old, ashes to ashes; dust to dust
For this desert be neither sand nor rock, but degraded flesh, bone and blood
The white sickness of the sand neither moonlight nor age, but phoenix's ash from every Hollow old, in it born each one new to begin upon it's walk
Endless as was it old, for no memory remains, to remind us when was this land without it's sand

  • "Do you know why creatures named by their paleness, stand so highly regarded by this realm's nature?"

It is from the knowing, that should it either makes them of a age so long since passed, their bodies have become like the desert sands themselves, past time at which they should already have been scattered as ash to join the rest.
That the mask, meant to shed them from- and symbolize the loss of humanity's heart, covers the entirety of their form.

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Star vs. Draka Acturial[5]

Celestin Vynx vs. Draka Acturial (interrupted)[6]

Challenge Arc

Ring Of Unheartly Acts"The Death of Ten Thousand"[7]

Stein A. Nevskii & Toshiba vs. Asclepius[8]

When Creation Takes Place In One's Own Image"The Corruption of Las Noches"[9]

Sîn Neylo vs. Draka Acturial[10]

Joker Arc

Unnamed arc characters vs. Kasumi Kudo, Ronin Zakira, Smoke, Kensen Shihoin and Draka Acturial[11]

Elevander Jecht vs. Draka Acturial[12]

Tris Andre Arc

Shion vs. Ruby Rose & Draka Acturial (interrupted)[13]

Aron vs. Ardrode & Draka Acturial[14]

Samantha Shihōin, Ino Miyuraki, Damon Salvatore & Emmell Shidow vs. Kensen Shihōin & Draka Acturial (interrupted)[15]

Stein Nevskii, Damon Salvatore & Xenegon Bahir'an vs. Draka Acturial[16]

Eximus Nobody vs. Draka Acturial[17]

Helheim Arc

Xenegon Bahir'an vs. Draka Acturial[18]

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