Ferris Lycurgus
Alias Fenrir of Thorns
Race Hollow
Gender Male
Reiatsu 5.000
Class Tank
Strength 5
Stamina 5
Speed 5
Perception 5
Reiryoku 5
Resurrección Unattained
Role-Play Information
Created March 25, 2016
RP'ed by Draka
Status Active

"Devils be born between spite among men, heartless yet devious towards spiting friend. Worst then be the devil you know, his whispers make you the spited man, hauled below" - Sonnet of the Faithless

Ferris Lycurgus is a Hollow who first became listed in the records of Seireitei 134 years ago, under the codename "Fenrir of Thorns".

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Information listed in the "Public Hollow Records" of the Daireishokairō (Great Spirit Library), under the codename "Fenrir of Thorns"

(Public)* Profile - Codename: Fenrir of Thorns

  • Additional Notes*: The information contained in the following profile is limited to details relevant for identification and appropriate judgment of disciplinary action, as well as information categorized as non-classified.
  • General Information
    • Hollow was named in partial, based on first reporting Shinigami's specific choice of words.
    • This particular Hollow is described as an uncommonly closely-animal-approximating appearing creature; comparable in visage to an oversized brown-furred wolf, sprouting tree-like branches from the majoritive part of it's pelt, otherwise identifiable on it's notably thick tail, stretching the length of it's four-legged body.
      • Additional Note: Initially appearing in a much more Hollow-like form, it's original form was almost immediately disguised by a sudden growth of hair and tree-like branches, covering it's visual identification as a Hollow with brownish fur.
  • Threat Level
    • Consented Disciplinary Action: Extermination
    • Confirmed Death Toll (Shinigami): 2
  • Identifying Traits
    • Natural wolf-like appearance (notably missing usual Hollow-like traits).
    • Tree-like branches protrude it's fur, along the whole length of it's form.
    • Tail-like appendage, roughly doubling the Hollow's own natural length.
  • General nature of reported incidents
    • Lethal use of force utilized against Shinigami and living souls
    • Direct interference with living souls
      • Specifically, living souls with the shared relationship of belonging to the same human household
  • Reported Incidents
    • Incident Report #2627734 - Submitted: January 11th, 134 years ago - Submitted by: 12th Division
      • Perpetrator(s)
        • Codename: Fenrir of Thorns
      • Criminal Nature of Incident
        • Unprovoked attack against multiple Shinigami, resulting in 2 fatalities
      • Incident Location
        • World of the Living - Karakura Town - Kitakawase
      • Additional Notes
        • Report was altered on February 23th, 134 years ago
          • Alteration: No reason was submitted for this alteration
            • Report category: Altered to "Incident Report"
            • Threat Level - Consented Disciplinary Action: Altered to "Extermination"
            • Incident Report #7748 - Description of incident: Deleted
    • Incident Report #2627782 - Submitted: March 16th, 132 years ago - Submitted by: 13th Division
      • Perpetrator(s)
        • Codename: Fenrir of Thorns
      • Criminal Nature of Incident
        • Lethal assault on humans
      • Description of Incident
        • Following a months-long period of distanced observation on the activities within one specific, human household*, the Hollow attacked two females on the structures premises, with lethal force. The Hollow was momentarily after confronted, but, do to priority placed on the condition of the wounded humans, escaped.
          • Additional Notes*: Do to no initial show of threatening behavior from the Hollow or it's intends, it's activities were not considered to require immediate disciplinary action, as in accordance with the Treaty of Vitrands.
        • Incident Location
          • World of the Living - Karakura Town - Yumisawa
    • Suspicion Report #26210127 - Submitted: January 6th, 42 years ago - Submitted by: 13th Division
      • Suspect(s)
        • Codename: Fenrir of Thorns
      • Related Incident Report
        • ID: 26210091
        • Description: Following further investigation into the overly frantic behavior of a wandering soul, revealed that several members of a single, large human household were showing similarly erratic behavior and that the household had been subject to an above-average number of deaths in recent years.
          • Notable Details: Initial observations indicate outside influence, based on the intensity of the human's behavior.
        • Reasoning for Suspect(s) Involvement in Incident
          • The particular household is mentioned in reported incidents, involving the suspect
  • Depreciation of Information
    • Public Profile was last updated on January 6th, 42 years ago.