Hueco Mundo (虚圏 (ウェコムンド), Wekomundo; Spanish for "Hollow World", Japanese for "Hollow Sphere") is the dimension in which Hollow and Arrancar usually reside. It lies in between the Human World and Soul Society.

Current State Edit

A New Era? Edit

A new era is pushing forward, since the loss of it's leaders when the forces of Las Noches failed in their invasion of Soul Society, the white fortress has been subject to mass hysteria and civil war. Even the newly renowned organization of the "Remnants", collective forces of Quincy and Arrancar unified, have fallen to become yet another part of the power struggles, ever since the disappearance of their leaders.

New and old powers however have begun to stir the fortress. It's walls dyed to a rusty gray as radiating the presence of a being of whom, though with neither army nor allies of any seeming kind, sits upon Las Noches throne in silence. It's residents trembling as rumors of a power risen to claim an position of power already thought extinct, one of the deathbringing numbers, one of 10.

And yet, all the while Las Noches fights it's own, does the strange phenomenon in the Forrest of Menos that brought the castle low with it's coursing the original Espada to disappear, still go unchecked. How long can the forces of Las Noches continue to ignore the potential threat?

Timeline Edit

´Events of note, of past or present´

Celestin Vynx vs. Draka Acturial (interrupted)

Alliance, An Unlikely Collaborator

The Espada Reformed "Takeover" & "Downfall"

  • Deaths: ...

The Invader: Toshiba

  • Deaths: Ragnarok

Challenge Arc

The Civil War

When Creation Takes Place In One's Own Image"The Corruption of Las Noches"

Joker Arc

The Unexpected Ones: The Remnants

Tris Andre Arc

The End of a Legacy / The Fall of the Imperium / The Waking Dream's End