Samantha Shihōin (formerly Samantha Grace) is the current Captain of the Second Division in the Gotei 13. 

Samantha Shihōin
Alias Primula
Race Soul
Birthday Unknown
Gender Female
Height 168cm (5'6")
Weight 58kg (128 lbs)
Professional Status
Affiliation Gotei 13, Shinō Academy, Soul Sociey
Profession Shinigami
Position Captain of the Second Division, Head of the Shihōin clan
Previous Position Commander-in-Chief of the Onmitsukidō, Vice Captain of the Second Division
Division Second Division
Partner N/A
Previous Partners Kensen Shihōin (Captain), Hitsuyōna Shizukesa (Vice Captain), Cale Frigus (Vice Captain)
Education Shinō Academy
Base Of Operations Seireitei, Soul Society
Personal Status
Relatives Jasmine Grace (Sister, MIA)
Shikai Hyosuke
Bankai Hyosuke
Role-Play Information
Created December 12, 2012
RP'ed By Ellie

Appearance Edit

Samantha is relatively well built with her trademark orange hair and bright green eyes. She has the appearance of an 18 year old but her actual age is unknown. Records of her start from the Academy but it's known she had a life in the Rukongai before embarking on the adventures of beng a Shinigami. Her hair was typically worn down and it's length sees it hanging down to her lower back until her change in outfit when she began to wear it up in a simpl ponytail. Before she was part of the Gotei 13, when she was in the academy, she wore her hair in a bun held in place with oriental hair sticks. Sam wears the traditional Captain's Haori and underneath she wears a black body suit; a recent change. Before her current attire she wore a mauve body suit with lighter purple trimmings. She wears black boots that merge with her outfit. 

An unknown detail to her appearance is Samantha has multiple tattoos that are often hidden by her clothing. The only Shinigamis to have had the chance to see these for various reasons are her former Captain Kensen Shihōin and her old Vice Captain Cale Frigus. 


Samantha is an interesting character who's personality has never quite been constant. She can be a warm hearted generous Captain that will be welcoming to anyone who she meets, but other times she can seem cold hearted and emotionless. As a Vice Captain she would often have trouble controlling her emotions and was seen as too soft. After being promoted to Captain in an unconventional manner, along with the abandonment she felt from her former Captain Kensen Shihōin as well as betrayel from those close to her she adopted the cold persona. Although her personality may be a bit unpredictable the Captain is loyal and a hard worker. She makes decisions on her own and sometimes they may be the wrong decision and that's led to her getting into trouble a few times.