The Verikona Cooperation
Verikona Cooperation

Verikona Insignia
Founder(s) Classified Information
Headquarters Karakura, Japan (formerly)
Leader(s) Verikona's board of directors

Draka Acturial (formerly, partially)

Unnamed father to Draka Acturial (formerly)

Senior members Sebastian (director)
Other members Unknown
Affiliations The Acturial bloodline
Purpose Spiritual Research & Study

The Verikona cooperation is a organization formerly located within Karakura Town, devoted to the research and study of the spiritual realms and their occupants in the pure interest of advancing knowledge.

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At an undisclosed point in the past, the Verikona cooperation was founded for the express purpose of understanding the mysteries of the spiritual realms, and their occupants. Although supposedly supported by that time's powerful individuals and those advanced in their overlapping field of research, the mastermind that contacted them, persuaded them to interest and gathered their unison efforts, has not gone on record.

Same as the names of the original members, the organization has stayed unofficial and essentially nonexistent with regards to outsiders, but eventually became known by it's front as a successful, private cooperation.

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The Verikona headquarters formerly took the form of a massive tower-like structure, located within the central part of Karakura Town. Dwarfing the majority of other buildings within the city's boundaries, the structure was in fact likely still the tallest out of any, given the severe depth underground that reach it into.

At an unknown point within recent times the headquarters were abandoned, it's front existing without a known base of operations as was personnel and equipment removed from the premises, including the majority of it's underground keeping of spiritually related research equipment.

Some time after, when was the area revisited by Draka Acturial, showed it that the sealed off underground levels had been overrun by a Hollow's nest, digging tunnels from one floor and down to the next. After destroying the hive of Hollows, the Arrancar destroyed the empty facility with an explosion.

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Having kept true to it's original purpose, as does it supposedly still today, the organization has stayed devoted to the research and study of the nature of spiritual energies, and the realms associated with it, for the express purpose of advancing knowledge and unravel given mysteries of this uncharted territory.

Despite the organization's success and both wide knowledge on the fundamentals of this field, and varying amounts on the more vague and mythical, the company's policy remains not to involve itself with development of combat against the spiritual realm's potential threats, nor the support of such. In the words of the young Draka Acturial's few of friends and board member, Sebastian: "It's neither ours nor any other humans fight, no matter who you are"

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Classified Information

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  • The Verikona cooperation's trademark insignia depicts a crescent moon of a tribal design, the meaning of the symbol having yet to be stated.
  • Although the organization founder, and original associates that supported it's founding are both off record, speculation goes that amongst were an ancestor of the Acturial bloodline, given it's both old and unrecorded origin of affiliation with the organization.