For a short time, the very center of Las Noches has been marked by short, but considerably potent surges of an Arrancar's Reiatsu, some near this section of the vast structure claiming to have heard screams and hateful cursing from multiple voices. Now suddenly a massive release of Reiatsu could easily be felt throughout the entire of the white palace, undoubtedly the source being the very same Arrancar.Quickly follow this, the surrounding rooms to the central space of the white palace began to bulge inwards, something reshaping the innermost room itself. The corridors throughout a considerable length of Las Noches' began to rumble, and became filled with a horrific metallic screech for a short time, only moments before a massive stream of energy struck through the inner Las Noches' doom's roof and shot into the skies of Hueco Mundo, made up of bluish fire emitting the Arrancar's Reiatsu, yet taking upon the visual traits of a thunderbolt, continuous and endless in it's release.

Than the Arrancar's Reiatsu spread like a virus throughout Las Noches, through it's walls. As the Reiatsu became so potent as to no longer even be ignorable, the walls darkened to a grayish-teal color, and the linings across walls and floors gaining a faint white glow. Within a matter of minutes the entire of Las Noches had been "corrupted" by this Arrancar, Las Noches' outer design soon changed as well. The white palace becoming engulfed in the darkening touch of the Arrancar's influence, it's towers cracked and spilling fourth bluish sprouts of fire, whilst the tower's tips would burst, becoming blazing torches.The sands within the palace walls began to turn black, as it's illuminating light from Las Noches' roof, turned maroon-red, and it's blue skies was engulfed in gray clouds, so thick that they dimmed the new red illumination of Las Noches' inner.

A short time later, the source of these disturbances, the Arrancar's Reiatsu appeared within the central throne room of Las Noches, laying waste to whatever other traces of Reiatsu within the room, belong to several Hollow and Arrancar. Following a slight increase it in it's Reiatsu, becoming noticeably higher, than what the rest of Las Noches' walls were emitting worth of the Arrancar's Reiatsu, seemingly marking itself as the source of what had happened to Las Noches.Not long after several releases of considerably Reiatsu within the chamber, all but the Arrancar's presence had left the room, and so spreading the word of a powerful new addition to the war for control of Las Noches. For despite the current disagreeing factions lacking attempt at the creature's life and somewhat applying themselves underneath it's place upon Las Noches' throne, all but few within the palace seem beyond rebellious actions to come.